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Tom is a naturalist, biodiversity educator, and author.

I am a naturalist with certifications from University of New Hampshire Extension, Earthwise Aware, and the Audubon Society. I have completed, and continue to participate in, training programs for forestry, funga, lichen, tree identification, wetlands habitats, and wildlife tracking.

As an environmental steward, I serve on municipal committees, volunteer with community organizations, and participate in local environmental programs. Committee names include Climate Action Advisory, Town Forest, and Trails.

I enjoy field work and collaborating in participatory/citizen science projects. Examples are:

As a biodiversity educator, I lead nature hikes and in-the-field sessions for land trusts and community groups; support the University of New Hampshire Cooperative Extension programs such as Big Trees, Nature Groupie, Speaking for Wildlife, and Taking Action for Wildlife; and promote environmental conservation. Examples are:

As an author, my first book “53 With a Tree: Family Friendly Hikes in New Hampshire’s Town Forests” published in 2021. My second book “A Bog’s Life: 37 Bogs to Discover and Explore Throughout New England” published in October 2023. My third book is being planned for hiking the town forests of New England with availability in 2025.

Tom lives with his family in Nottingham, NH. He is an avid hiker and fisherman who enjoys being outdoors in all seasons.