Bogs are unique natural features in New England

A bog is an ecosystem rich in flora and fauna. Depending upon where you live and your families’ heritage, a bog may be called a fen, heath, mire, moor, muskeg, peatland, quagmire, swamp or even a pocosin.

The book "A Bog’s Life" can be used to better understand and appreciate the diversity of our wetland environments and find New England’s outdoors more welcoming and intriguing. The book provides information such as:

The book provides descriptions for hikes in 37 bogs and fens throughout Connecticut, Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, and Vermont. Bogs and fens are identified with locations, bog data and local history, plants, hiking trails, and nearby places of interest.

The book “A Bog’s Life: 37 Bogs to Discover and Explore Throughout New England” is available for purchase.

A Bog’s Life Book